“A Circular Exploration”

This years art exhibition is entitled “Circular Exploration”, where we’ll use a circular format as a background, support, or within a frame. The images above represent some configurations such as a circle, a circle in a square, small circles on a square background, and a separated circle. There are many more configurations so do some thinking. It’s open to any media or technique. Use these guidlines:

Exhibition Guidelines

Membership- All participants must be an active member of CAEA thru 2015. If your not sure contact Michael at: medcellan@mac.com

• No Jurying- All completed work submitted that meets the guidelines will be shown in the exhibition (this means no jurying, no awards, no tests and no free lunch)

Size- The background or support needs to be no larger than 24” square or in diameter. Our display areas are not huge and it makes them easier to transport. Keep the work to under 3” thick and under 8 lbs. This includes frame and glass.

2-D Work- Each 2-D piece MUST HAVE a braided picture wire firmly attached to the back (preferably with “D rings”, screw eyes or whatever that’s provided on metal frames ). The wire prevents the work from falling off the wall. It also allows the ability to hang the work faster.

3-D Work- Your work must be at least 12" in height and length can not exceed 24” in height or length. 3-Dimensional work must be accompanied by a pedestal or hanging support with clear instructions. Supply a hanger if it’s to be on a wall.


Suggestion #1 Include a portion or part of a work that you forgot somewhere in your studio, classroom, etc. So, go search out a sketch, a painting, notes, or whatever. You don’t want to use the whole thing just a portion. It may lead you somewhere.

Suggestion #2 Include an idea from your work that was in the 2014 show. If you weren’t in the show than include something from a recent work.

Suggestion #3 Think about layers, negative space, & overlapping of shapes and space.

Suggestion #4 Include a visible finger print in your piece.


contact Michael at:medcellan@mac.com Michael Cellan 2019