Clayprint Supplies List and Notes


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The Plate (Home Depot or Lowe’s, etc...)

1/2" OSB Sheathing - 4’ X 8’ piece - $10.00or 1/2” plywood - heavy and really expensive unless it’s free.

(ask for the scrap or cut off pieces at the home building center (lumber yard) or go to where new homes are being built and ask to have some scrap or wait until the weekend when no one is around)

The plates we used are 16” X 20”X 1/2" OSB sheathing. The size economically fits the roll of Reemay (or Pellon interfacing) (see below) so you have no waste

Polystyrene screen moulding - 3/4” wide cut to length of the base plate (2 pcs 20” and 2 pcs 16”)

4 mill plastic film between the backing board and the clay

1/2”staples to fasten the screen moulding to the OSB sheathing. Put some staples into the area where you put the clay and don’t drivethemcompletely down on to the boardleave them sticking up so it holds the clay when pressing into the frame. It helps when pulling the clay level.

I use an electric staple nailer available at hardware or lumber yards. You can use a heavy duty, non-electric hand stapleravailable at the same stores.



Stone Leaf Pottery (or where ever). In Denver area, I send you to Stone Leaf because a couple of the workers know a bit about clayprints. Just ask them what Michael Cellan buys.

5891 Nolan St. #2

Arvada, CO 80003


Grog is sand and broken/ground up fired pots. It helps to keep clay moist

B Mix 5 with grog - $25 for 50 lbs.

or Big White for the same price

Note: You may also use a red clay for the plates. It creates a beautiful background. Just ask at Stone Leaf to have clay with grog that is similar to the ones above.


Kaolin (china clay) is called Grolleg

You can buy it in any amount at Stone Leaf. If you buy kaolin from any ceramic/clay store just ask for the“whitest” kaolin they have. I buy it by the 50 lb bag.

Remember, you should wear a mask when mixing.

You may mix in any volume. Pour in water then put in the kaolin. Add kaolin until it creates an island of dry kaolin in the middle of the container or the blender jar. Then stir by hand or a mixer on an electric drill if you’ve mixed a large quantity. It will keep for sometime when covered without molding. You may add a few drops of bleach.


Substrate (what you print on)

Contact Info to Purchase Reemay Substrate

Reemay is used by water filtration plants. It is polyester.


Michelle Nauton

610.485.3560 x 141

Tell Tammy that you are a student of mine and took a clayprint workshop from me.

Reemay 2470 (6 oz) $162.00 a roll + shipping and handling (this is what we used in the workshop)

Reemay 2040 (4 oz) $142.00 a roll + shipping and handling

Both rolls are 40” wide by 30 yrds long


An alternate to Reemay (It’s not much cheaper but, you don’t have to buy yards of it.)

Pellon Extra Firm # 926 Heavy Stabilizer -It’s about $50 for a bolt that is 20”wide X 10 yrds long. It prints well and prints a “softer” edge than Reemay. I used it for 15 years. Don’t let them sell you nor, do you want to buy anything that says fusible on the label.

Sometimes WalMart has it. A good fabric store may have it or they can order it for you. You may have to order online. I found the cheapest site was It’s about $40-50 for a bolt that is 20”wide X 10 yrds long.


Norpro Deluxe Pastry and Pizza Roller

Click Here to orderor read about the roller.

This is also available in gourmet cooking stores.

Don’t be tempted to buy cheap pizza rollers. They won’t last.

Be sure to oil the wooden part with cooking oil so the

rollers don’t dry out from the clay.


A niceshiny Tablespoon for printing



The brush is called a Hake. Available at ceramic supply, Art supply stores, or online:


Pastel chalks and a good quality, wire mesh, strainer for grating chalks

Illustrators chalk which comes in 1” X 1” X 3” pieces in 40 different colors and can can be ordered at:

NOTE: This is an Evangelical organization. You may be sent emails by contacting the site. You can do it under a Google or Yahoo email account.


Coating for the Prints

Minwax Polycrylic - 32 oz, Satin (Ace hardware has their own brand) $12 to $19 depending on where bought

Glycerin, Vegetable - 8 oz (Used in soap making and beauty products) Can be purchased atWalmart pharmacy in 6 oz bottles

Water - 8 oz

Wide foam brush-3"

Note: to purchase glycerin in large quantities (more than 6 or 8 oz container):

You may also use Thompsonwater based Water Seal


Coating for the Prints

Price List Quarts (32 oz. ea.) of KWAL PAINTS

“COLOR CENTER” Universal Tinting Colors


Note: there are other paint stores that have other types of tinting colors under another name. So just ask if they will sell it to you. I tell them I’m and artist and I make my own inks and paints. You can buy it online . You can use monoprint colors but they are more expensive then the tints per ounce

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Cal-Tint Universal Tinting Colors

Work just like the tinting colors we used from KWAL paint. You can order them online from Amazon. You might also check paint stores in your area and see if they have them or will sell you their brand.


Other Types of Colorants

You cannot use acrylics, watercolors, or oil paints they all have a dryers in them which will ruin your plates.

You can use monoprint colors that you can buy in an art store or online (Akua-Kolor is an excellent monoprint ink in 4 oz bottles:( Mix the Akua-Kolor with the Kaolin.

You may use regular tempra paint (available at art, craft and hobby stores). Tempra paints contain pigment color mixed with clay. You are still going to have to mix the kaolin with the tempra so it will work by releasing itself from the plate. I have used Sargent brand and Crayola. Don’t use the “washable” types of tempra (it sayswashable on the label.) You handle it just like the more expensive tinting colors. You can mix tempera, kaolin, and the tinting colors to make it go a little farther.

You could also use powdered or liquid RIT dye to mix into the Kaolin.

Pastel chalks thru a metal strainer or grater will produce dots on the plate as well as gradations. So will powdered chalk (the kind used in a chalk line maker). Just sprinkle it thru a salt shaker with larger holes. You can use oxides in powder form from the clay store just mix into the kaolin.

Cellan’s Taos Sangria


• 1 Bottle or box of red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rioja, Zinfandel, Shiraz…cheap-don’t be a snob)

• 1 Lemon cut into wedges

• 1 Orange cut into wedges

• 1 Lime cut into wedges

• 2 Tbsp sugar

• Splash of orange juice or lemonade

• 2 Shots of gin and triple sec

• 1 Cup of raspberries or strawberries (may use thawed or frozen)

• 1 Small can of diced pineapples (with juice)

• 4 Cups ginger ale


Pour wine into a large pitcher and squeeze the juice wedges from the lemon, orange and lime into the wine. Toss in the fruit wedges (leaving out seeds if possible) and pineapple then add sugar, orange juice, gin. and triple sec. Chill overnight. Add ginger ale, berries and ice just before serving. If you'd like to serve right away, use chilled red wine and serve over lots of ice. However, remember that the best Sangrias are chilled around 24 hours in the frig. - allowing the flavors to really marinate into each other.



The radio station I play at my workshops is the commercial free, internet station Radio Paradise. It can be downloaded to your computer, smart phone, or tablet If you explore the website you will find many things of interest including the lyricsfor each pieceand the entire playlist. I usually send money every year to help to keep it alive.

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