About Michael…and, it's more than you ever wanted to know...

OK, I have a BA from Colorado State College and an MA in Fine Art from Adams State College. I taught Art in the Manitou Springs School District for 42 years. I have taught students in kindergarten through graduate school and, I was 2002 Colorado Art Education Association’s Art Educator of the Year. I’m a professional artist specializing in mixed media, drawing, clay prints and, anything that is different and unique. I do art workshops for art teachers and anyone who wants to learn. I’ve had many one person as well as group shows. I’ve won many awards. I’m co-owner of theBridge Galleryin Colorado Springs, Colorado and, I’m on the executive board of theColorado Art Education Association.


I was born and spent my life in Denver, Colorado. My parents managed an apartment house and then a motel. My mom did the managing and later worked in retail at the May Company. My dad had a blue collar job being a baggage carrier working at the Denver Union Railroad Depot. My parents were in their late, late 40’s when they had me. I was an only child. I was ill with asthma. They loved me, took care of me, but pretty much left me to grow up on my own. I had plenty of moments to explore and do whatever I wanted. There were very few, if any other children in my neighborhood so, I grew up with adults. I grew up happy. I loved school and learning. Summers were fun and creative. I built forts, did truly weird things, and created little worlds on a dirt hill with my toys. When I grew up I wanted to be like Bill the garbage collector, dig for dinosaures like Dr. Edwards in apartment number 6, the guy who brought the coal that heated the apartment house or,an astronomer. But, deep down inside I wanted to be a cowboy with my imaginary friends Packy and Bogey.

I always drew. I drew things around the house and copied from the funny papers and comic books. It didn’t take long for my elementary teachers to notice that I was really good at seeing the world around me and putting it on paper. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Perricone (who I was in love with) showed me the one thing that changed my world, she showed me how to use perspective. This was what I needed for it allowed me to “go into, out of, and through the paper”.

My parents bought a house in South Denver. I went to Merrill Jr. High. There I had a teacher, Mr. Ramsey, who helped me understand that art was more than making, it was about being, acting, and thinking. At South High with Miss Rorem and Mrs. Fisher I was encouraged to explore many medias and techniques. I won a gold key in Scholastics for a brass llama that was brazed from brass wire. It went to New York. It never came back. Georgia, a teacher friend of my parents, saw that I wasn’t going to make it as a cowboy but, I had a knack for art and teaching others. One evening she sat with my parents and encouraged them to send me to college and be a teacher. Drawing got me into Colorado State College (that’s now the University of Northern Colorado) where Drs. Ball, Mariani and, Bidwell taught me what I needed to know and really challenged me. In 1983 I received my Masters from Adam State College (now Adams State University).

So, That is how I have spent, and am spending the rest of my life, making and teaching others about art.Thanks Dad and Mom for listening to Georgia.


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